Misdemeanors in Texas Criminal Court System

Misdemeanor Cases in Texas and the Penalties

Misdemeanor Cases in Texas and the Penalties that come with them begins with a minimum of one year in state or county jail. The Texas Penal Code statutes have more definitions depending on the level of degree the misdemeanor is considered according to the Texas legal system. In fact, know that you want the best in criminal defense according to the law of Texas. It can be up against if you are arrested for a misdemeanor d be a good idea before having to appear in court.

On the other hand, if you have a past misdemeanor or this is your first one, you should be preparing to call a criminal defense attorney either way. In order to help you with the reduction of fines, jail time, and even prevent you from getting a warrant or your license revoked or suspended. This will allow you to find sanctuary and peace of mind knowing that you can live on the straight and free path in life. There are other alternatives than going to jail. Thus, handling your misdemeanors the right way in court prevents you from always looking over your shoulders.

Misdemeanors are classified according to the relative seriousness. of the offense into three categories:

  1. Class A misdemeanors
  2. Class B misdemeanors
  3. Class C misdemeanors (b) An offense designated a misdemeanor in this code without. Specification as to punishment or category is a Class C.

Source: https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/texas-misdemeanor-crimes-class-and-sentences.htm

In Texas, Jack B. Carroll & Associates will defend the small misdemeanors to the harsh felonies for any defendant who may be charged with a misdemeanor (Class A through C) which can result in a minimum of one year in prison. In the Texas Penal Code statutes listed in the Texas State

Overview of Misdemeanors of Texas

When you have a misdemeanor in Texas, you’ll at some point have to face a judge with your case. You’ll be informed by the judge your charges you are being accused of and he/she will advise on your rights. These are your rights as a defendant of a misdemeanor.

After the 48 hours of your arrest this will normally take place.

The right to have a lawyer and retain counsel or have one appointed if he/she can’t afford one is advised. If you do make a statement, then it could be used against you in the court of law. You’ll also be told that you can terminate any type of interview at any time or have an attorney present while you are in an interview with officers or other attorneys representing the state of Texas. Conducting an examining trial or hearing in order to establish the reasons for your arrest or for probable cause is also normal after being arrested.

Misdemeanor Classifications

Texas Misdemeanors crimes are punishable by up to one year in county or local jail and are categorized as Class A, B, or C. More serious crimes or felonies are punishable by terms in state jail or prison, or even death. (Texas Penal Code. § 12.03.)

Source: Texas Felony Crimes by Class and Sentences.

Class A Misdemeanor

In Texas, Class A misdemeanors, they’re punishable

  • up to one year in jail
  • up to $4,000 in fines
  • Or both, jail time and fines.

For example, if your are caught carrying a gun without a permit are examples of class A misdemeanors.

Source: Texas Penal Code § 12.21

Class B Misdemeanor

Under Texas’s laws, a class B misdemeanor is punishable by the following:

  •  180 days in jail
  •  up to $2,000…or both.

For example, if you are in possession of up to 3 ounces of marijuana is a class B misdemeanor.

Source: Texas Penal Code. § 12.22.

Class C Misdemeanor

Class C misdemeanors in Texas have fines up to $500. Although, there isn’t jail time, it will remain on your Criminal Record. For example, a class C misdemeanor: If an individual steals property worth $50 or less.

NOTE: Any misdemeanor with no identifier such as Class A, B, or C, and has no specified punishment will be considered a class C misdemeanor.


Texas Penal Code § 12.03, 12.23. and Texas Petty Theft and Other Theft Laws.


Potential Defenses & Your Rights if Charged with Misdemeanors

Knowing to take care of yourself through an ordeal such as going to court in Texas shouldn’t be dealt with alone. There are potential defenses which can the law firm can handle for you in your behalf. If an experienced lawyer who knows the Texas Penal Codes and statutes for felonies and misdemeanors, helps you, you’ll be sure to have a defense team ready to submit the best representation to a juror panel or judge in your favor. This includes the punishments and the alternatives to jail time for your felony charges. The extra precaution is necessary to keep you with your loved ones and family together so you can get your life back on track!

Consequently, the right to vote will be void of your life and also you would not be able to hold public office for specific amounts of misdemeanors on your record. A job can be difficult to grasp and a professional license is excluded because felony convictions. Experienced Houston criminal defense attorneys is the one of the smartest ways to avoid certain surprises. Preparation and protection are both the keys to the Texas court system.

Misdemeanors in Houston, Harris County, Texas

Finally, if you need a criminal justice lawyer in Houston, or the surrounding area, and if you have been arrested for any of the characterized Misdemeanors mentioned here, call immediately and set an appointment to prepare to go in front of the Harris County or Texas court system. In fact, if you know a friend, also, or relative who is in jail currently, whether it’s the state or county, and they need a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, Texas, or the surrounding area, call 713-224-1747. By Texas statutes, and in Harris County, our office will do everything we can to obtain a recognizable bond for your release with the right paperwork needed on your behalf.

Save time, money, and remain jail-free in Texas. Consequently, you’ll be guaranteed the rights and protection with the legal proceedings represented by Mark W. Bennett and his defense team. We’ll handle anything involved in the State of Texas courts with our representation of you, your friend, or your relative who may need help in Harris County courtroom or the surrounding area.